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Hello and welcome to the Roxkstudios website. 

This website accompanies the second life region of roxkstudios.

Which is host to the SLRandom ArtCrew, this is a group of individuals. Who help contribute to the SLRandom ArtCrew project in the digital world of Second life. Working in collaboration, with a host of other inSL art galleries.

The goals and aims of the SLRandom ArtCrew is to create a space with art. For the sake of making nice environments and art to explore.

Whether that be in 2D artwork, 3D immersive spaces, images, video, written work, poetry, in a plethora of diverse mediums. Using the creative powers of the internet to share and promote art.

We also work across other platforms such as Flickr for SL Digital Photography. As well as Youtube for videographic work, DeviantArt for more 2D developed work with a host of other outlets where people can either get directly involved or just appreciate the art itself.

This site will publish and expose art from different venues in the world of SecondLife for your readers, viewers and explorers to visit. Second Life has a diverse network of digital artists.

We hope to add more to that. Hoping to not take it over, however giving a bigger voice, to the community and niche within Second Life. Inviting the larger world to explore this somewhat, hidden but growing digital art movement.

to find out more about us please follow our social media steams and other websites.

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